Why CyberScurity Talent Pipeline Hub is the #1 Choice for You.

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Switch to a new career in Cyber Security and access start up salary of $650-$3000 monthly

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Access remote jobs globally and earnings of $7800- $36,000 annual start-up salary

How it works

Our Season Full Course for Cyber Security Professional Training Breakdown is as follows;

Course Books

The course books accompany the trainers and students alike in cybersecurity studies.


The labs hold questions and tasks to support the training.


Provide Participants with possible situations from past cyber security or cyber terrorism to solve.


Students must complete a practical built-in project, produce defense and assault tools.

About the program

Cyber Security Talent Pipeline Hub is a program developed to address the skill gap need in Cyber Security sector in Nigeria and West Africa. Cysec TPH is powered by Think Cyber Ltd.

We are a world-class cyber simulator training company that has a proven track record in Cyber training delivered across different countries around the globe.

Professional Certificate Price

Think Cyber Lyte 85% Discounted training ($8,000 to $1,200). Learn Now Pay Small Small NGN90k monthly over 1 year

Late bird registration is ongoing. Lectures start December 20th, 2022

We are a world-class cyber simulator training company that has a proven track record in Cyber training delivered across different countries around the globe, designated for the establishment and continuous upgrade of cyber security skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Cybersecurity simulation training is a way to accurately replicate your IT setup and test how you can respond to simulated cyberattacks. By replicating your environment, you can effectively “war-game” against potential attacks in realistic scenarios. The Cyberium arena uses Real Life Cyber-attacks that has happened all over the world to train students and is an advance cyber security training tool. CYSECTPH trainings are all 100% virtual because the simulations are an online infrastructure.

A: The gap for skilled cyber security professionals has exponentially increased globally especially within the last 5 years. We believe Nigeria can take advantage of this world-wide demand and fill the huge employment gap with targeted training in this area. Hence having access to a World Class Cyber Simulator training guarantees access to high paying job within a period of 7 months.

A: Our Instructors are top world class trainer from Europe, with cognate years of industry experience working in Cyber Security sectors consulting for fortune 500 companies globally. You can always access them 24/7 anytime from your student handle of Cyberium Arena Platform.

A: All Cyber Range training are cloud infrastructure training and they are online, irrespective of the location of the trainer, whether onsite at the training location or abroad.

A: There are 8 modules in the training { Python Fundamentals& Kali Linus Fundamentals, Network Security, Network Research, SOC Analyst, Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting, Malware Analysis, Cyber Warfare}. Each module is 40 Hours , In total you will be taking 320 hours of Training. Training duration is 4 months and 1 month access to practice on the Cyberium Arena after training.

A: Cost of training is NGN $1,200 including VAT . This gives access to Pre-requisite training, Cyber Simulator training, access to job opportunities after training and 10 years management when you secure a job.

A: Yes, for students who cannot afford to pay 100% cash up front, they can take advantage of the loan program, that helps you spread payment over 12 months. You can access this facility if your inflow is between NGN270k –NGN300k